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Tips on Improving Sperm Count

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 27 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
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For men wanting to improve their chances of being able to father a child, there are some methods that can be carried out without medical intervention that will help to improve sperm count.

What Is Sperm Count?

A sperm count is the measurement of sperm and seminal fluid in the male ejaculation. The test determines the amount of sperm in the fluid, their ability to move, their general health and structure and the amount of fluid produced. A count includes the amount of sperm per ml of fluid and the amount of fluid produced.

Dietary Factors

Research has shown that alcohol consumption not only affects female fertility but can also lower sperm count. It is advised that a couple who are trying to conceive both abstain from alcohol in order to improve chances of success.

Caffeine consumption has also been linked with problems with sperm count and sperm motility which is the sperms ability to mobilise within the seminal fluid.

Sources of caffeine that should be avoided include coffee, tea, some cola based soft drinks and chocolate. As caffeine is widely known for its negative effects on health, there are many products available that have had the caffeine extracted allowing for those who enjoy these products to continue to consume them.

A diet high in selenium and zinc will help to produce good quality sperm as zinc is an important component in the anatomy of the sperm and will help achieve a healthy conception and subsequently a healthy baby, and selenium is important for good sperm creation.Good sources of zinc include dairy products, nuts, seeds and some pulses.

Vitamins C and E are also known for their benefits for couples undergoing fertility treatments as vitamin E is thought to help sperm more potent and effective at fertilisation, and vitamin C is known for its protective qualities at preventing the DNA in sperm from becoming damaged. Vitamin E is found in avocados, sweet potatoes, sprouts and tomatoes. Good sources of vitamin C are kiwis, strawberries, oranges and broccoli.

As with most dietary compounds, supplements are available for general use and can be found in most supermarkets and health food shops, but as they are found in a wide variety of healthy products, they can be taken as part of a normal healthy and balanced diet.

Lifestyle Factors

Smoking is well documented in its role in decreasing sperm count, lowering motility and will also affect the number of abnormal sperm contained in the semen.It is good sense to try and give up well before conception is attempted, and will benefit all existing and potential family members in the long term.

Exercise is extremely beneficial to health and is essential to include in our lives, but participation of sports such as cycling, rowing or other activities that can cause long stretches of pressure on the groin area should be avoided. Cycling is still a good form of exercise but in moderation.

Avoid supplementary performance enhancers, especially anabolic steroids as these can have an extremely detrimental effect of reproductive health.

Most specialists will advise against the use of tightly fitting underwear and trousers, especially for those wanting a family at some time in their life as these items can cause a low sperm count. It is advised that all men avoid these items as the effects on sperm count may exist for many years.

Along with the available fertility treatments for people wanting to conceive, there are some methods of increasing sperm count that can be practiced in everyday life.

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drink more water take vitamins and stay always cool avoid tention
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