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Although infertility a common problem, that does not make it any less distressing. Reading through the possible causes of infertility, finding out about how to boost your own fertility and getting advice on how to face infertility tests and treatments can help you approach your situation with much greater knowledge and confidence.
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Latest Comments
  • sahu
    Re: What Causes Sperm Loss?
    Unfortunately my habit r very bad i m shake everyday.please give advice and causes I suffer
    12 November 2015
  • FertilityExpert
    Re: What Causes Sperm Loss?
    bugsboner - Your Question:I have reasently exspearinced a loss of sperm what can cause it and what can I do to stop it. It has loss 50%…
    4 September 2015
  • bugsboner
    Re: What Causes Sperm Loss?
    I have reasently exspearinced a loss of sperm what can cause it and what can i do to stop it. It has loss 50% of its volume
    3 September 2015
  • marsbar
    Re: What Causes Sperm Loss?
    I'm 59 i have a normal sex life but what has me worried is I have no sperm at all. Is this nnormal
    14 August 2015
  • pat
    Re: Choosing a Fertility Clinic
    please i need a good private hospital that can have IVF, donor will be my younger sister.thanks
    17 July 2015
  • FertilityExpert
    Re: What Causes Sperm Loss?
    @Ola. Your GP will be the best person to ask about this. Sorry but we cannot give advice on individual medical issues.
    16 April 2015
  • ola
    Re: What Causes Sperm Loss?
    i constantly loss a lot of semen and i usualy have pain wenever i want to urinate..i want the solution..thanks
    15 April 2015
  • FertilityExpert
    Re: Ovary Transplants: Are They Possible?
    @Smithy. Your GP should be your first port of call.
    8 January 2015
  • Smithy
    Re: Ovary Transplants: Are They Possible?
    Where do you go to enquire about having your sister donate an ovary tissue ?
    6 January 2015
  • natalie
    Re: Freezing Sperm and Eggs
    Wondered whether you could help me,i have had 2 x miscarriages and 1 eptopic Pregnancy which has left me with one ovary and also one…
    28 October 2014
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